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A New Start... A Place to Share My Journey...


I'm Cheryl, The Yoga Bohemian. 

I welcome you to my brand new blog where I intend to share with you some of the discoveries I make along my path and the knowledge and experiences I find and create along the way.

I invite you to walk along with me and I welcome your experiences and questions too.

If ever there's anything you'd like to see mentioned here in these pages, please feel free to reach out and ask - I would like you to be a part of the process...

About me? I'm a lot of things! 

I have 2 children a beautiful back cat and a wonderful husband and home in Shropshire UK. This loving foundation and the support of my family throughout all my crazy schemes has enabled me to follow my dreams...

So what do those dreams look like...?

I am a teacher and practitioner of yoga and I find that here is where I really find my peace. I love to teach and the spirit of a good personal yoga practice has guided me through many a dark time in my life. 

I also practice crystal healing and reiki (I am attuned to the second degree of Usui Reiki). I am also able to give Indian Head Massage and Ear Candling treatments as of late. I have always had a fascination with crystals since I was a young child and still have many of those mysterious stones I collected even before I knew what their potential could be! 

And more recently, I've turned back to my love of Tarot, Astrology and Runes, which I had delved into so much during my younger years but then shelved for a long time. When something sparks a light in you, it can't be ignored forever, though!

I would say I'm a witch. I've always been but for a long long time, I didn't see myself that way. Not that I didn't like it or feel comfortable with it, but I just didn't see that side of me as important for a while... Now I've lifted the filters off and I am willing to see myself for who I truly am, life is a lot easier. 

This is my path... I love to help people to feel better. I love to work with the subtle and powerful energies of the Universe and in so doing, connect with other beings and all of life...

It has taken me a long time and it has been a really winding and stormy road to get to where I am right now - most of the time, I was groping blindly through the darkness with no idea of my direction... and I still have a long way ahead but at least for now I know where I'm going!!!

I am very creative - I am hungry to learn... everything... and I write stories and poetry, I journal and I write down my research (hopefully some of which I'll share here over the time to come...). I also love any crafty hobbies and I'll turn my hand to anything: knitting, crochet, sewing, jewellery making, dancing, music, painting and design... anything! 

I enjoy playing musical instruments: flute, recorder, harp, guitar mainly and recently I have started again to teach myself to play the piano. There's a lot of magic in sounds and music. 

So there you have it... there's a lot more to me than this little description but you get the idea... and we can learn a lot more together as we go along our way...

Here I am! :-D


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