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The Wolf Moon... 2021's First Full Moon

Hi! 🌙

So this year's Lunar splendour kicks off with the Wolf Moon, also known as The Cold Moon for obvious reasons! In times gone by, the full moons have been named according to the seasons, the weather or even the behaviour of nature or humankind around that time.

The Wolf Moon, it is said, is so called because in the Northern Hemisphere, this is a time when wolves can often be heard howling more than usual. The old-timers thought it was maybe because of hunger but we now know that wolves howl for many other reasons: defining territory, to locate pack members and even to reinforce social bonds! 

The Hopi Native American tribe are said to have named this moon PAAMUYA which means "Moon of Life at its Height" as a comparison to the summer sun which is exactly 6 months away at the opposite high point of the year. The moon rides high in the sky at this time of year (in the Northern Hemisphere) just like the sun in the height of Summer.

Because of the various astrological happenings, some associated with Leo, at this time, tensions might be heightened and relationships become strained. Tempers might be explosive and any arguments could be harder to recover from. So it's key to pick your battles  and try to see things in perspective if you can.

That being said, the Sun and Jupiter in conjunction with Aquarius makes this "a day of miracles" which means optimism and good luck - so if a challenging situation does arise, it could be the result of a long-overdue confrontation which will lead to better times to come. #seethepositives

Now is an opportunity to let some doors close so that others can open...

This is a good time to brave the "birthing" of a new project (or even literally if you're thinking of starting a family)... so whatever amazing ideas you've been ruminating on over the last few weeks or months, time to get them moving into reality!

Take advantage of this lunar light to meditate on your desires and get manifesting... ideal job, home, soul mate...

Maybe try making a vision board of inspiring images and quotes to remind you of the direction you're travelling and what you're trying to achieve ready for those times when you doubt yourself.

What else can you do with the Wolf Moon?

You might fancy looking for ways to do something courageous whilst the moon is under the influence of Leo the Lion, some way you can leap up out of your comfort zone...

Or if you're turning inward, you may want to take stock of areas in your life where you could show up more fully and step up into your potential.

Don't be afraid to show off your gifts publicly either. People who care about you want to see you succeed so allow yourself to shine and watch how your light brings happiness to others. This is not so you can bolster your ego but rather to encourage a more genuine form of self-love and self-gratitude for more long-lasting positive effects. 
So why not try to connect with friends and loved ones and talk about something great you've accomplished, bask in a little appreciation and then allow them to do the same. And you're channelling your inner wolf howling to reinforce your social bonds! #feelsgood

And why not give yourself over to the magic of MUSIC! Crank up those sounds and DANCE! Move your body and raise your heart rate, generate some of that Leo fire and just allow yourself to get lost in the music for a little while... 
I can highly recommend some BOLLYWOOD DANCING for this as a great way to have some fun with some happy sounds and move your body in all sorts of different ways - you can find loads of "how to" videos on YouTube!

How can you work with the Wolf Moon's magical energy?

A simple tarot spread exploring how you can close the book on 2020 and turn a new page for 2021 could be one way to use the energy of this week.

Or maybe perform a simple "releasing ritual" to rid yourself of those patterns which no longer serve you: 
Simply write out the negative emotions and situations that are on your mind right now and read them aloud. Then burn them safely and watch with intention as they disappear...
This can be done by yourself or even as part of a virtual full moon circle with a small group of trusted friends...

Combining the Fearless Wolf with the Lion's Roar = confidence to speak your truth and strength to make sure you're heard!

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you will keep well and stay safe... 

love and light to you all...

Cheryl 💜

Cheryl Marren 2021




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